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Happy Wednesday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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P.S. Less is more.


Stay at home workout

I’m giving you a break so you can enjoy the long weekend!


The future is here

Old school biometrics: watching to guess what’s happening. And guessing what to do to solve your client’s problem.

New school biometrics: put a cipher skin mesh on your client to see what’s happening. And creating a unique solution to solve the problem (use this one):

Thanks to Earthworms, Cipher Skin Meshes Movement Data With Biometrics


Better than QVC etc?


North Americans get to buy a product when someone lives stream (it’s popular in Asia).

My question?

What’s the viewer to sales conversion?

Example: if 5000 people watched the live stream, how many bought the product?

Instagram’s livestream shopping sees early beauty adopters

NB: I’d save this article. And do a livestream test it to see how many people buy your product.


Together forever…

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

Your favorite band can use their Amazon Music account and link it to their Twitch account so they can earn more money (there’s no live concerts during this pandemic) or allow advertisers to place ads during their concert

Amazon Music links with Twitch on in-app livestreaming

NB. Don’t be surprised if you see more companies doing this.

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