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Happy FriYaY!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

Have a positive weekend!

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P.S. From “Pixels”, the movie: there’s always a reset button (fast forward to 2:15). That’s the lesson you need to learn today. You have a reset button. Hit it:

PIXELS – Final Fight (2015) – YouTube


Stay at home workout

All about protein and what to eat (typing this is making me hungry even though I finished lunch two minutes ago) in case you want to build more muscles:

Want to Build More Muscle? — Nutrition Tactics – Nancy Clark RD


Did you know?

Here’s a fact to impress your family, friends, parents, wife/husband, partners and co-workers: the floor of a steel shipping container was made from wood.

Now? A mixture of wood and steal (it’s more sustainable that way):

How much wood would a container manufacturer chuck?


Stay in front

Some of my favorite brands?

A) Lululemon: best fitness and casual clothes in the Universe (there’s a reason why the company is thriving during this pandemic)

B) CBS All Access: one of the first linear TV companies to create an app so their audience could watch their favorite CBS show or local (local or national) on their time (the others like ABC, NBC and Fox? Crickets) and

C) WWE: not from a content POV, but from a marketing one. Always staying ahead of their competitors. And constantly reinventing themselves to keep their fans happy (notice how it allowed their fans to create a digital version of themselves to attend their events? Before every other league? It doesn’t matter which industry you work in, take notes and see how you can use these ideas at work):

WWE’s Tech Officer: Reimagine, Disrupt, Take Risks and Stay Relevant



Repeat after me.

If you’re a movie theater chain, why are you still using satellites or hard drives to download your films?

Why aren’t you using the cloud? It’s more secure. Harder for hackers to hack (I will assume that you have the cybersecurity and security safeguards in place):

Cinemas turn to the Cloud to deliver latest films

NB. That’s technology’s impact on the entertainment world. Making it easy for you (movie distributor, movie theater chain etc) to download the movies your fans want.

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