The Three. Le Trois. El Tres.

Happy FriYaY!

Don’t forget to enjoy the last weekend of summer if you live in North America!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

Have a great weekend!

I love you all!




Stay at home workout

This is a quick ladder workout:

A) do 10 jumping jacks

B) pair it with 10 skull crushers.

Start with 10 jumping jacks, 0 skull crusher.

Then 9 jumping jacks, 1 skull crusher.

Repeat until the jumping jacks end at 1. The skull crushers end at 10.


Heading into space

Your new reality TV show? Competing for a slot at the International Space Station (ISS):

Reality TV show Space Hero sending contestant to the Space Station


Everyone is live streaming

Technology’s impact on the advertising/entertainment world?

Companies start to use live-streaming to stand out from their competitors:

AB InBev brews up livestreaming success

P.S. 500 + livestreams so far on YouTube. That’s how you capture peoples attention during this pandemic. By standing out. And doing something different.


Sell directly to your clients (DTC)

Repeat after me. There’s no need for you to sell your product at a grocery store etc. Bypass them. Sell it directly to your clients (that’s why the venture capital (VC) industry is funding them. Because we’ve been avoiding the mall. And shopping online):

‘It is all DTC now’: VCs are eager to strike deals again

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