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Stay at home workout

2 rounds (it’s quick):

20 lunges (10 per leg)

20 thrusters (use a light weight)

20 jumping jacks

20 deadlifts

1 minute break.

Repeat twice.


Zoom for figure skating competitions?

Hopefully, this article isn’t behind a paywall. If it is, the short summary? Figure skaters and their coaches are using their smartphones to film their competitions (with friends/family following the 6 feet/2 meters when they sit in the arena) and upload it to the judges using the cloud. Keep in mind that they’re the only skater in the arena. Their competitors are doing the same thing in other arenas:

Figure Skating Turns to Virtual Competition as a Covid-19 Fallback


New trend?

Don’t be surprised if you see more clothing stores creating separate divisions to sell second hand clothes (tbh, there might be an opportunity for you if you want to get rid of your old clothes to make some money):

Zalando bets on second hand


It’s all about the demo (demographics)

I used to work as a Research Analyst for a US cable network. All I did was download the ratings from the Nielsen ratings service into an Excel spreadsheet to find out how the network was doing versus their competitors.

The key idea? Focus on the 2 and above age group (total households). If your network wins it, you can claim a weak victory. Why? Because you want to win in the 18-34 age group (younger age group that doesn’t watch TV) Or 24-59 age group (technically, they have money).

It’s hard when your team finds out that someone in Chicago is watching the channel all day = that’s why the network is doing well. This is an example of this:

Can we really rely on TV ratings?

In reality? The team needed this type of software to help us figure out who was watching and where (that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry – more targeted advertising):

The Trade Desk SVP helps agencies understand the changing trends in media consumption

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