The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy Thursday!

Welcome to October. And PSL (pumpkin spice lattes).

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

I love you all!



P.S. When you wake up, count your blessings.


Buy and sell

If you have extra money, would you invest in

A) gold

B) lithium ion materials that power electric vehicles or

C) handbags?

Treating Your Handbag Collection Like a Stock Portfolio Just Got Easier

P.S. I’m not an investment advisor. This isn’t investment advice. Consult a qualified financial planner.


Halloween food ideas

You can borrow them from Janice Poon, a Hollywood food stylist (don’t read it for the food ideas. Read it on how she found her career. She’ll inspire you to do the same):

The Food Stylist Who Creates Hollywood’s Unreal Dishes and Drinks


It’s in 3D

When you get rid of the virtual reality (VR) headset, people will start to use VR (you can see this in Apple products). Meanwhile, Hollywood and advertisers are using it so their audiences will be glued to their headsets (that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry – new forms of films etc).

Inside Intel’s Massive VR Studio: High Art and Commercial Potential


Stay at home workout

Go outside for a walk so you can watch the leaves change colors.

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