The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy FriYaY!

Make the weekend count!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

I love you all!



P.S. Every day is an awesome day.


Stay at home workout

Quick and efficient.

Do 3 rounds of:

A) 10 jumping jacks

B) 10 fist air pumps and

C) 10 jump rope (with or without real skipping rope).


Uh oh

Human influencers will be replaced by CGI (Computer Generated Imaginary):

The evolution of the virtual influencer: no longer just a trend

NB. A human will be needed to feed the information to these CGI influencers.



If I was a professor at a college or university, I would teach my students the History of Emojis.

Yes, their essays and finals would be written in emojis (I’m not sure how I’d grade them but I’ll figure it out):

How many emojis are there? And what’s the most popular?


The pipes leading to your home

Not the water or electricity.

The copper, fiber optic or cable that gives you the power to cruise the Internet.

Don’t be surprised if you see:

A) crews installing more fiber optic cables in your neighborhood or

B) more investments being made by your phone or cable company (switching stations, data centers etc).

How rising broadband demands might reshape US telecom

P.S. That’s the impact you’ve had on technology and the entertainment industry. As you’re spending more time online, your cable or telco (phone) company needs to invest in more infrastructure (cable, switching stations etc) to keep up with you. While the entertainment industry pivots to DTC (Direct To Consumer) so you can buy and watch all your favorite shows. Online.

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