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Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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P.S. October is fire safety month. Check your smoke and CO2 detectors (remove them from the wall or ceiling. Check when it was made. As each one has a 10 year lifespan, you might have to replace it). And your fire extinguishers.


Stay at home fitness workout

Take a walk or run. Or you could start painting (see the second article for ideas). As long as you’re moving, you’re fine.


Vest are in

If you want to wear something different during your Zoom meeting, may I recommend the Ferris Bueller vest? Article is behind a paywall but the headline says it all:

Sick of Your Zoom Shirt? Add a Ferris Bueller-Inspired Vest

P.S. You know you wanted to sing “Twist and Shout” the minute you read the headline:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Twist And Shout (HD)


Paint and brush

During this pandemic, you’ve honed your skills. Or you’re learning new ones. If you want to learn a new skill (or liven up your home), have you considered painting a mural on one of your walls? It’ll keep you busy. And you’ll be exercising at the same time:

New Yorkers paint murals on apartment walls during the pandemic


Ahead, warp 10

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry?

Using artificial intelligence to help you stream your favorite show, music, movie and games faster. Without having the content provider (eg: Netflix etc) create a program that doesn’t have to convert it into another format as it moves from one region of the world to another:

SMPTE publishes V-Nova’s VC-6 video production codec as new standard

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