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Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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Stay at home exercise

Not a sponsored post.

Have you considered taking Zoom online ballet classes?

It’ll take you beyond your fitness comfort zone:

Canada’s National Ballet School – Adult Ballet Classes



A lot of imperfect vegetables and fruits are being thrown out by restaurants, stores etc.

What if there was a way to use them to make smoothies?

Now there is (sustainable and delicious):

UW grad’s smoothie startup hopes to reduce food waste, global warming



I love reading copyright cases because it teaches me:

A) the slightest difference in words = you can’t copyright your product and

B) logic/analytical skills – notice how the Judge logically analyzes the case to deny the company a copyright to their product.

TTABlog Test: Are Coffee and Hard Cider Related for Section 2(d) Purposes?


Faster than light speed

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry (and you)?

Inventing a way to use artificial intelligence to compress the data it sends to you.

The perfect example? You’re on a Zoom conference call and your Internet connection is so-so because your family etc are using it at the same time, artificial intelligence can be used to generate an image of you.

Let’s apply this to the entertainment industry – suppose you want to livestream an event and you know it’s going to create a lot of data. Making it harder for everyone to watch because Internet speeds around the world are different.

Instead of live-streaming everything, artificial intelligence will take reference points of the person etc (eg: eyes, mouth etc) and ”recreates” it so less data will be used when you watch it (you won’t notice anything different):

NVIDIA swaps codecs for AI to improve video call compression

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