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P.S. Oh the motivational stuff I find on Twitter that helps you succeed at work or in your daily life (that’s why I write the P.S. I want you to succeed):


It’s a new classroom

We’ve never considered what is happening at university or college. Not only are the classes online but the professors are adapting to the situation (on the positive side, more students are discussing the class materials in the DMs to each other during the session):

‘Please Wear Pants’ and Other New Rules of Pandemic College Teaching


Emoji Twitter game?

Always stand out when it comes to marketing. Here’s a great way to do this if you’re using Twitter:

ABC debuts emoji game on Twitter to promote ‘Supermarket Sweep’



Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry?

More virtual reality films:

A journey inside BFI London Film Festival’s VR platform, The Expanse

NB: in order for this to happen imo?

  1. No bulky VR headsets
  2. Using smartphones/tablets/smart TVs
  3. Create a 2D growing version (that’s what the company did in the article) = lots of people will watch it.


Stay at home fitness

Pie 🙂

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