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P.S. Move fast. Break things.

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Stay at home workout


A) jumping jacks

B) squats or

C) high knees.

Pick one. If you want, you can do all three.


Your gift? It’s in the back.

I’m buying my Christmas gifts online this year (forget the mall). Since I’m not the only one, your favorite shipping companies have been preparing for this since the summer. The key stat you want to focus on in the article? +50% versus 2019 (if possible, order your gifts now so you won’t have to face any shipping delays):

DHL Express braces for ‘historical’ peak season


Buying or selling art? In Germany?


Snapshot: buying and selling art in Germany


Twitch. Isn’t not for gamers anymore

Marketing 101. Follow your audience. If they’re using Twitch, you should as well. This is an excellent case study on how:

A) beauty influencers are using Twitch and

B) how they are merging their passion for games and X (X = what they’re passionate about) into one.

An important read if you’re in the marketing field:

Twitch emerges as rising platform for beauty brands


It’s here

Imagine if you’re watching a movie, sports or tv show at home. As you laugh, clap or cheer on your favorite sports team, the background changes to reflect your mood.



But if is being done in the video game industry, it can used in the entertainment world (that’s how technology will impact the entertainment industry. Creating unique backgrounds to suit your mood):

U.S. Patent No. 10,441,876: Video game integrating recorded video

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