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Happy Thursday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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P.S. Control what you can control.


Stay at home workout

Lots of yoga poses for you to do (if you love to run, walk, do the occasional exercise class or you’re exercising a lot like me, yoga helps you with your flexibility. And mobility.


It’s the supply chain

Are you curious to see how the vaccine will be distributed across a country?

Look no further than Canada (it’s complicated. Notice the number of companies bidding for the project. And the logistics behind it, such as the temperature controlled warehouses):

Big firms eye Canada COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans


Stay on track

All about skydiving. And the technology being used to make sure you’re safe.


Better than an Xbox, PS5 etc.

How about an augmented reality (AR) gaming system? At least the characters will look real when you play your game.

Think of this from an entertainment industry point of view: you can watch your favorite movie or tv actor in 3D. Add an interactive story element (example: there’s a fork in the road. Should the actor go left or right) and your fans will keep watching for hours.

And that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry: creating new shows and movies to help you relax.

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