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Stay at home workout

Three ideas (if it’s nice where you live). All of them will work on your coordination, fitness and concentration:

A) change your car/van/SUV engine and cabin air filter

B) move the winter tires from your garage (or where you’ve place them) to the inside of your car if you’re having the dealer/mechanic replace them. Once they’ve been replaced, move the summer tires back to your garage or storage area or

C) if you’re doing item B on your own, don’t forget to carry your tools with you. And be safe when you use the equipment to lift your car etc off the ground.



The article says it all:

Raise the woof for the new mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky


At the Buzzer

Your new sports app? Buzzer. Allowing you the sports highlights you want to see. For $0.99 USD (will it change the live sports broadcasts? I hope so):

How Buzzer is planning to cut through and bring live sport to the House of Highlights generation

NB: That’s technology’s impact on the sports broadcasting industry. Finding new ways to bring you the sports highlight you want to see.


Changing the game

Even companies like Netflix copy the TV/cable world by creating a TV schedule. And letting viewers join in when they want to (it’s similar when you watch TV. If the show has started, you continue to watch the rest of it):

Netflix goes linear

NB. If Netflix Direct works in France, don’t be surprised if it gets rolled out to the rest of the world.

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