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Happy FriYaY!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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P.S. Don’t wait until January to change your life. Do it now.


Stay at home workout

Simple exercises you can do at your desk:

25 Office Exercises: Easy Desk-Friendly Ways to Get Fit in 2020



The pandemic has changed the real estate industry, from an investment perspective. People are storing their items in self-storage building, buying homes in the suburbs to get more space and investing in marinas (the article could be behind a paywall, but the headline says it all):

‘Nowhere To Put ‘Em’: Boating Craze Pushes Marinas Into Hot Property Territory


Predictions for 2021

Your new “it” color for next year? Gold:

Shutterstock Shares Color Trend Predictions for 2021 [Infographic]


It’s an app

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry?

Forcing it to become an app so you can access your tv show, movie etc from your smartphone, tablet or smart tv. With a click of a button on your remote control or a swipe of your finger:

Video streaming apps see major surge as lockdowns continue

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