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Happy Wednesday (and pre-Thanksgiving Day)!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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Wait. No fireworks?

Instead of fireworks, look for the drone light shows coming to your city:

Walmart to light up the holidays with live drone shows


Happy Thanksgiving!

There’s a lot of logistics behind every Thanksgiving meal:

Less Roast Turkey, More Shrimp: Here’s How Much Food Is Being Shipped to Deployed Troops for Thanksgiving


Safety first

The pandemic has changed the way the entertainment industry films their shows and movies (that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry – finding better ways to keep the cast and crew safe).

Two of the changes?

A) easy to operate robotic cameras and

B) using technology to make sure the crew and cast are safe.

COVID-19 forces producers to bring new technology to sets



I love all my subscribers. And I think you’ll need something to read when you’re on a break:

Hollywood Grapples With Layoffs, Redefines Itself for Streaming Future

NB. This isn’t a surprise. There’s more profit to be made when you stream your product directly to your fans. Instead of showing them elsewhere. Also, you are starting to see the movie distributors flex their muscles against the movie theater industry: less time a movie will be shown in the movie theaters. Expect to see movie budgets cut to take advantage of DTC (direct to consumer). Example: do I need to spend $400m US to make and market a movie? Or can I do the same thing for $200m US? And get the same return on equity (ROE).

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