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Stay at home workout

I love chipper exercises (Coach Wayne did this to the class at 11am ET during his live fitness class. And I’m sore). Here’ a similar one (do the second one. It’s easier. Unless you want to do workout #5 without a partner):

7 Bodyweight CrossFit Chipper Workouts


It’s about the light

Buy a ring light if you want the perfect “glow” during your Zoom call:

How Ring Lights Went Mainstream



5G technology is important. It’ll allow the entertainment industry (and you) to do a lot of things. Right now? It’s all hype because there’s a lack of 5G equipment (from a consumer perspective, smart phones using 5G – keep in mind that most of you are using 3G and 4G phones. From a telco (phone company) POV – they need to roll out the towers and get enough spectrum to run 5G):

ORS: 5G Broadcast is the future of television, but challenges remain

NB. From entertainment industry POV? 5G will allow the industry to edit their movie and show faster (faster upload and download speeds). Add in gaming technology that allows you, the viewer, to see and feel the action = a better experience for you.



ASTC 3.0 will allow stations to broadcast in 4K etc (the benefits to you, the viewer? Sharper graphics). The question that needs to be answered? Who does it? Is it the stations who broadcast the 4K signal? Or someone else?

In the Conversion to NextGen TV, Who is Responsible for the Content of the Simulcast Streams?

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