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P.S. If you’re in sales (to be honest, everyone is in sales, even if you work for a company/government etc), never make it difficult for people to give you money.


Stay at home workout

If it’s nice outside, go take a 30 minute walk (unless you want to do 400 air squats, 400 kettlebell swings, 400 jumping squats and 40 chest presses (that’s what I did during Coach Wayne’s live 60 minute fitness class this morning (go for the walk)).


Grip strength

If you love walking during the winter, these tips will help your boots become slip-resistant (I love the sandpaper idea):

How to Make Boots Slip-Resistant: 7 Easy & Cheap DIY Ways for Shoes


Back in time

When you study the past, you can predict the future. Maybe. Either way, you should see if you can add this to your travel wish list:

Newly discovered art is an ancient Amazon time machine


Reality TV. Without the actors

In 2019, if I told you that a company was going to create a reality TV show using artificial intelligence actors/avatars, instead of real actors, you (and I) would have spit out our tea or coffee.

In 2020? It’s here (in the future, there’s no need for real actors to be used in a TV/movie. Use artificial intelligence (AI) ones that look and act like a real human. That’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry):

Facebook Watch Sets Interactive AI Reality Series ‘Rival Peak’

NB: the technology behind the AI actors in the show is here

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