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P.S. If you think things will go back to normal after everyone gets their vaccine, it won’t. Why? We’ve changed our habits during the pandemic. Example? Instead of shopping in a mall, you’re shopping online.

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Stay at home workout

Hello! Welcome to a 45 minute air boxing workout! Link


Upgrade first class

Some tips for you to try to get an upgrade to first class when you travel by plane (hint: wear nicer clothes). Link



There are two types of wine. Bottled. And flexitank. From a shipping perspective, you can ship more wine by flexitank. Other facts? There’s less forty-foot high shipping cubes to use. Why? Because every company is shipping their products by boat. Link

P.S. Read how the flexitank industry is a monopoly. That’s the best part of the article.



A lot of technology is used in your smart TV. From the interactive menu to the program guides, the technology helps you decide what to watch. There’s no standard between smart TV manufacturers (it’s similar to Android vs iOS vs Windows. Sometimes you can open a file in all three systems. Other times, you can’t) but a company is trying to create one to make it less expensive for the manufacturers (and you) to buy (and watch) your tv shows and movies. Link

N.B. That’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry. Creating a standard software to help the smart tv manufacturers.

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