The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy MonYaY!

I know you’re going to finish 2020 on a positive note.

Here are the three articles (and a bonus fitness one) that caught my eye!

I love you all!


P.S. If you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. Jeff Robinov


Stay at home fitness workout

In honor of the fitness band I received a few minutes ago, here are 55 band exercises for you to try. Link


New drink?

Forget eggnogs and toddies. Try this winter Pennsylvanian drink (if you can handle 101 proof whiskey). Link


Investment ideas

As everyone gets the vaccine, the travel and leisure industry will recover. Don’t buy one airline or hotel stock. Buy all of them with this index. Link

P.S. Please (and thank you) do your own research before you buy it.


Better than Nielsen ratings

I used to be a Research Analyst for a cable TV network. All I and the team did was wait until 11AM ET each weekday to download the channel’s Nielsen ratings to see how it did versus their competitors. Not only was the data divided into 30 minute time slots, but it was divided by age group. An imperfect method because if one person watches the network all day, she/he skews the data. A better way? Using Netflix’s model – finding out which show you’re watching (how long, which thumbnail you clicked, etc) by using machine language and statistical modelling (a H/T to my Twitter friend Carla Gentry for the find). Link

P.S. This how technology is impacting the entertainment industry. And that’s why the techies (eg: Netflix) have an advantage over the rest. Because they use better tools to figure out what you want to watch.

Author: Research King

My real name is Nick but my clients call me the Research King. Why? Because I love researching and finding information. And they’re literally amazed when I find the information for them. I love analyzing how technology influences the media and entertainment world. Because the media and entertainment industry is constantly changing. And technology is playing a big role in changing it (from CD’s to live-streaming). Finally, I love coffee, going to the gym/working out and anything to do with athletic leisure clothing (I’m a big Lululemon fan). P.S. If you need to follow me on social media: Twitter: @nickhtang Instagram: @the_information_guru

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