The Three. Le Trois. El Tres (helping you succeed in 2021)


I know you had an amazing Christmas with family and friends on Friday!

A list of books for you to read to help you achieve your dream(s) in 2021. Because they’ve helped me succeed in life and work. I’ve divided them into categories.

I love you all!



P.S. Never give up on yourself.


Short summary? Don’t see everything as a problem. See it as an opportunity. Adapt this mindset and you’ll succeed in everything you do.

Short summary? A lot of you aren’t taking any chances at work. Or in your life. Read Steve’s book. He’ll give you the courage to start living the life you want to live.

Dream big

Short summary? Use this book to spot opportunities, find mentors, how to promote yourself and figure when to leave for your next opportunity.


Short summary? You use psychology everyday. From asking someone out on a date to getting information from your coworker to help you with your project. Reading this book will help you conquer these psychological obstacles.

Short summary? When you meet someone, he/she is giving you clues on what they’re thinking. Reading this book will help you figure it out.

Short summary? This book will help you spot and avoid the psychopaths who are out to ruin your life at the office. And in your life.

Skills and talent

Short summary? Be the pirate. He/she breaks the rules. P.S. Here’s a story. I had a summer job in the Records Department at the city. It was boring with so many rules that I found ways to break them. The kicker (this is why I’ll never work in government)? My manager told me to review her director’s notes on what to do (the department was moving to another building). When I read the 100 step instruction sheet and turned it into ten steps, I realized the department (and city) was inefficient.

Short summary? Systems (habits) over goal(s). Build your talent (skills) stack so you can work in different industries. Example? I host #AIChat. It’s a 10-15 minute monthly Twitter chat on artificial intelligence (AI). Where my guest(s) help(s) you make sense on how AI will impact you at work. Or in your life. If you list the new skills I’ve learned (1) marketing/PR (2) interviewing the guest(s) (3) finding topics to talk about (4) SEO (search engine optimization) when I do the #AIChat recaps on my website and (5) finding ways to make #AIChat go viral during the chat. And combine them with my existing skills (communications, research, analysis) = 1-2-3 punch that no one can resist.


Short summary? When you write emails or reports, keep it short. Write them so a five year old can understand your ideas. If you think that writing at a university level or in long sentences or paragraphs makes you smart, you’re wrong. It’s the same when you speak at a meeting. Or give a presentation (less is more. Three points per PowerPoint slide. Use less than 10 slides so no one gets bored).

Job hunting

Short summary? The current job hunting method is broken. Read this book (and website) to get an edge over your competitors. Written by a headhunter who’s sharing his advice with others.

Author: Research King

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