The Three. Le Trois. El Tres.

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a relaxing Christmas break!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

I love you all!



P.S. Push people to be their best. Because everyone has potential. Mme McFadden (she was my high school French teacher who pushed me and my classmates to never settle for mediocrity. This was one of her lessons I took to heart. And continue to use whenever I go. RIP).


Stay at home workout

Go for a walk (50-60 minutes).


It’s back

If you loved watching “Back to the Future” movies, in my opinion, the car was the star. And someone is trying to resurrect it. Link


Take back your privacy

It doesn’t matter which social media software you’re using, these companies will find a way to sell your data. That means you need to limit what it can do with the data. Unless you’re me, then you play with the algorithm to see what happens 🙂 Link


TikTok musical

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry? Using software like TikTok, Instagram, Zoom, Facebook Live or Periscope to broadcast your play to the world (because the pandemic has shut down Broadway. The same applies to the music industry – songwriters are doing the same thing). Link

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