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Happy FriYaY!

There’s no email newsletter on Monday because it’s MLK day.

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

I love you all!


P.S. Write down your thoughts on a piece of paper.


Stay at home workout

An article (it’s behind the paywall) to help you pick the paint colors you need for your bedroom gym (black or green might work): Link

P.S. Go for a walk if it’s nice outside (50-60 minutes). You need the fresh air and vitamin D. Or if it’s going to snow on the weekend, shovel the snow at a slow and steady pace.


Fun fact

Flies are hard to swat out of the air (if the fly is sitting on a window inside your home, try this: use a small open yogurt container and a piece of paper. Place the container over the fly. Slide the paper underneath it. Wrap the paper around the opening. Release the fly outside) because they have shortened hind wings that allows them to take off faster: Link


Twitch focus group

The best way to target the gaming audience? (1) hang out with them using Twitch and (2) start creating specific product(s) for them. In this case, crowdsourcing a car design: Link


Email gift cards

I can pay and email Netflix gift cards starting at $25 to my friends who use Netflix. If they have a DisneyPlus subscription? Nothing (it’s for new subscribers). This isn’t going to end well (that’s technology’s advantage over the entertainment industry. They make it easy to help non-subscribers help their friends and family who subscribe to their service). Need proof? Here’s the link to the DisneyPlus e-mail gift card program.

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