The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy Friday!

You know it’s been an interesting day when the only song playing in my head was. The “SpongeBob SquarePants” theme song.

And here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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I love you all!



P.S. Be like George from “Seinfeld.” Practice Opposite Day.


Stay at home workout

4 rounds of:

  1. 20-40 kettlebell swings
  2. cleans and press (10 per arm) and
  3. pushups (inch worm or modified)


Change is good

Yes, you can switch careers. In some cases, it doesn’t mean you have to start over: Link


Coming soon to a house or apartment

The look of luxury (bronze, copper, brass) is in. The rest are out. More trends here: Link


Paint colors of 2021

One of the rare times I won’t write how technology impacts the entertainment world. The article is behind a paywall but I love it when a paint company names their paint “Alabaster OC-129”: Link

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