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Hello! Happy Monday!

I, for one, am excited that Tom Brady and the Bucs won the SuperBowl on Sunday. Why? It proves that age isn’t an obstacle if you want to go after your dream(s).

Here are your three articles (it’s two articles and one mini-case study) that caught my eye!

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P.S. If you’re having a bad day, say “I always win” to flip your mindset.


Stay at home workout

I will give you a choice:

  1. 60 minute strength workout: Link or
  2. 60 minute strength, cardio and ab one: Link



What’s out: small/studio apartments.

What’s in: bigger apartments. Why? The pandemic has changed everything. Apartment builders are focusing on building bigger apartments as renters and buyers want more space: Link


Fun fact

If a large crude oil tanker (they carry over 2 millions barrels of oil by sea) earns $4,100US per day, it’s losing money. Why? (1) no one is driving as much during the pandemic due to the lockdowns and (2) not enough oil producing countries have cut back on oil production. That means the oil is sitting offshore waiting to be unloaded = no profit for the crude oil transport company: Link



I hope this story proves that anyone can pivot (it also demonstrates how technology is impacting the media/entertainment industry). In Canada, Bell Media laid off over 200 people last week. One of them was Catherine Murray, a journalist at BNN Bloomberg (her Twitter handle? @CatherineBizTV) When you read her Twitter timeline, notice how:

  1. she listened to her fans, asked them what they wanted to watch
  2. she jumped in (remember the Nike slogan “[j]ust do it?” That’s the mindset you need to succeed) and
  3. fast she pivoted to create her own YouTube channel (the lessons? (1) your fans will watch and (2) you have the skills to pivot to the digital world).

It used to be that you needed a lot of expensive technology to create your own podcast, tv show or newsletter. Now? You can do the same thing with your smartphone and tablet. Using them to film/record your show. Using the Internet to upload it to your favorite hub such as YouTube or Apple Podcast. Or live-streaming using Periscope or YouTube. Or creating an email newsletter.

If Catherine can pivot, so can you (mistakes are mine. Not Catherine’s).

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