The Three. Le Trois. El Tres.

Happy Wednesday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

I love you all!



P.S. You’re a go getter. Go getters never wait for permission (example: when the gyms closed in March 2020, you used the Internet to find the workouts you needed to stay in shape. Or you signed up for a live online fitness class. Or you continued with your existing fitness routine). And we stay in control of our situations.

P.P.S. If you live in Texas, stay safe (I’m sending all of you positive thoughts).


Stay at home workout

Let’s keep this simple. 6-10 rounds of

  1. Mountain climbers (10 per leg. 20 in total)
  2. chest press (10 in total. If you’re using light weight, I need you to go slow when you press up and down).
  3. 20 jumping jacks (you can do running on the spot/jumping rope)
  4. 10 squat and press (aka thruster. Legs at 90 degrees when you do the squat.If you’re using a light weight, I need you to go slow when you press the object up and down)
  5. 30-60 second break. And repeat.

P.S. If you need an extra challenge and you’re using a light weight, find a medium/heavy weight. For your last chest press and squat and press, use the medium/heavy weight. See if you can repeat this during the six rounds. If you can’t, use the lighter weight.



Using a smartphone to test for covid-19? Why not?: Link


Telehealth (including the robot)

Love it. Absolutely love it. Having a robot with you during your telehealth call with your doctor or nurse = better and more accurate health care: Link


A better football helmet

When one builds a better football helmet = less likely for the player to get a concussion: Link

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