The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy Thursday!

The highlight of my day? Writing this email newsletter to you (thanks for reading it)!

Here are the three articles that have caught my eye!

I love you all!



P.S. There’s nothing wrong with having high standards.


Stay at home workout

Relax. Read a book.


It’s all in the group

Marketing 101 – create or join an online group. You’ll learn a lot. This article will talk about Facebook groups and why they’re important: Link


Ignore the corner aisle

You knew it costs $50k US when you see a free standing cardboard rack at the grocery store (this is why you focus on the items on the bottom shelf). Other facts? Everything you see on the shelf is a rented space: Link


Match made in heaven

Some entertainment companies (example, Warner Brothers) make their own video games. Technology’s impact on it? Finding a way to make sure that each player is a perfect match for their team: Link

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