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Stay at home workout

Your arms will be sore after this workout. I’ve thrown in some cardio exercises to keep you moving. Do each exercise 6x. For 8 rounds (eg: six thrusters. Repeat 8x. Unless you want to do all 48 exercises at once. It’s up to you). When you finish your first round, take a break for 10-20 seconds (repeat for rounds two to eight). At the end of each exercise, take a break for two minutes. One round. Don’t forget to use a lighter weight if you get tired from using the medium/heavy weights.

  1. Squats (use a knapsack. Fill it with books. Aim for a medium to heavy weight. Zip up the knapsack. Place it on your back. You can substitute the knapsack with dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbag)
  2. Push ups (modified. If you hate pushups, chest press using a medium to heavy weight).
  3. Jumping jacks (if you want, you can do all 48 of them at once. If you want to push it, aim for 64-100)
  4. Thrusters
  5. End


It’s hidden in plain sight

This is one of the ways LA is using rain to rebuild it’s water ecosystem (notice how it incorporates other activities such as parks etc): Link



Did you know that catnip can be used as a mosquito repellent (another reason to buy a cat 😉 Link


Alexa, play my favorite show

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry? Installing devices into your new car/truck/mini-van/SUV etc so you can play your favorite movie or tv show during your trips: Link

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