The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy Wednesday!

Here are the three or four articles (I love finding a bonus article for you to read) that caught my eye!


  1. Never give up on your dream(s) and
  2. Keep moving forward towards your goal(s).

I love you all!




Stay at home workout

Enjoy (30 minutes of dancing)! Link


The psychology of a door

Short summary? It’s a boundary between one context to another. An example? If you walk from your kitchen to the family room and you forgot why you went to the kitchen (hopefully, to make some popcorn 🙂 Link



If I wrote to you that a lab has created a way to use 3D to print a living cell, would you be in awe? Or the opposite? Link


Your new film library

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry? You’re collecting movies in digital form (DVD? What’s a DVD?): Link

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