The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy Friday!

Something different cause it’s one year since the pandemic started.


  1. life keeps moving forward. Don’t be angry if you did nothing today. Regroup, write a plan over the weekend and start your week off on a positive note
  2. what you say becomes real
  3. what you think right now is your reality
  4. you need to change item #3 if you’re thinking this way (example: don’t say “I’m having a bad day.” Say “I am getting through this” (I am is the key))
  5. stay positive (eat healthy. Stay hydrated. Keep exercising) and
  6. change is good (even small changes. Take tiny steps to reach your goal(s)).

Have a great weekend!

I love you all!



P.S. The best part of this pandemic? Writing this email newsletter so you can read something different each day (even if it’s for 2 minutes).


Stay at home workout

Do this 4x. With a 60 second break after you’ve finished a round.

14 squats (use heavy weight. If you don’t have this, throw some books into a knapsack and strap it on your back. Don’t forget to squeeze your abs and glutes when you stand up)

14 pushups (you can do chest to floor burpees)

14 jumping jacks

14 upright rows (link). If you hate upright rows, you can do chest press (lie on your back) and

14 sit-ups (or any ab exercise you want).

60 second break. Repeat 4x.


Fall 2021

Bows are in: Link


What’s a cable box?

Your old tv operating system: the PVR. Cable tv box.

Your new tv operating system: the app, the stick (Roku, Amazon Prime), the box (AppleTV), your smartphone (Android and Apple) and the tablet (iPad, Amazon etc): Link

P.S. That’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry.


It’s in your clothes

If I wrote to you that a company has made clothes that you can wear and suck the carbon from the atmosphere, would you believe me? Link

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