The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy FriYaY!

I hope it’s sunny where you are (it’s raining as I write this).

Here are your three articles that caught my eye!

Carpe diem!

Have a great weekend!

Stay safe. Stay strong.



P.S. Your funny tweet/managerial lesson for today:


Stay at home workout

Inspired by Coach Wayne’s online workout:

20 x 5 (do each exercise 20 times. 5 rounds)

20 squats (use heavy weight. If you don’t have any, fill a knapsack full of books. Close the knapsack. Strap it onto your back)

20 chest press (use heavy weight if possible)

20 kettlebell swings (if you don’t have a kettlebell, 20 mountain climbers/pushups)

20 jumping jacks.

Rest for 40 seconds. Repeat.


Yes, please

Guess which food is doing well during the pandemic (I will give you a hint: first letter starts with “p” Last letter ends in “a”): Link


Closing deals

You used to close business deals over lunch or dinner in a restaurant. Now? Clubhouse: Link


Keys to streaming success

If you need a picture on what happens behind the scenes when you hit the play button when you decide to stream your favorite show (notice all the technology that’s being used to “transit” the show to you?): Link (article is here)

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