Le Trois. The Three. El Tres

Happy Wednesday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

Carpe diem!



P.S. Open your windows and listen to the songs that the birds are singing.


Stay at home workout

300, 200 or 100 reps: link



If you hate throwing away your pineapple skins and core, you can make them into a tea: link


Stock tip

Forget about bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Trade fine wine: link


New Hollywood

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry? YouTube and Snapchat snapping up (my apologies for the pun) influencers so they will create their own shows for the channels. Both of them are chasing TikTok (if you think about it, you’re using your phone or tablet to watch your favorite shows. Using YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, Snapchat etc. Ask whether or not you’ll go see a movie when the cinemas re-open. Probably not): link

P.S. It’s similar to the gym. If 75% of the readers who are reading this are working out at home, why would you go back to the gym when the pandemic is over? Link

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