#AIChat recap (March and April 2021)

#AIChat is a monthly Twitter chat that helps you figure out how artificial intelligence (AI) impacts your life. And work.

In March, the question was: how do I get money/fund my AI project.

In April, the question was: how can AI help an athlete recover faster from their concussion? And train better?

Mistakes are mine.


March 2021: how do I get the money/fund my AI project.

List not in alphabetical order. Focused on the big picture and on grants and accelerators. If I missed anything, please leave a comment or tweet them to me @nickhtang. I will add it to the list when I have time.


  1. US government: National Science Foundation
  2. India: Atal Innovation Mission
  3. New Zealand: Callaghan Innovation
  4. Singapore: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Grant
  5. Africa: Lacuna Fund, Deep Learning Indaba
  6. Australia: Cooperative Research Centres Project Grants
  7. United Nations (big picture of all the regions in the world): k4all.org

Baseball: The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars

Drink: PepsiCo Labs

Education (nb: not specific to education sector. Lists universities/colleges who have accelerators)

  1. Berkeley SKYDECK
  2. UC Hastings


  1. Immediate Accelerator
  2. IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme
  3. Comcast NBCUniversal Lift Labs
  4. Disney Accelerator


CMS Innovation Center

Social media: Snap Accelerates

Sports: FIFA Innovation Programme

Supply chain: ScaleAI


April: the #AIChat topic was: how can AI help an athlete recover faster from their concussion? And help them train better? NB: Neurovine and I were busy in April to hold our chat.

First, this is how Neurovine uses AI: it includes an app, headband and heart rate monitor: link

Second, here are the steps machine learning uses to see how bad the concussion is for an athlete: link

Last, this is how one soccer (football if you’re reading this in Europe) team is using AI to become a better team: link

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