Le Trois, The Three, El Tres

Happy Tuesday!

It’s been an interesting day as I’ve accidentally deleted all the emails in my folders (I picked the all mail folder instead of the trash one. On the positive side, I can fill the folders with new information <— winning mindset).

Here are the three stories that caught my eye!

Carpe diem!



P.S. Eliminate the “yes, but” from your vocabulary because it’s holding you back in some cases: link


Stay at home workout

Six exercises to improve your posture. Why? Because you’re sitting at your desk and you need to move: link


Shop early for Christmas

Your favorite store is selling a lot of items. It’s hard to get them back in stock because most are made in Asia. And there’s a shortage of shipping containers to transport the items to the US (it’s May. And there’s no shipping slots available; if this continues, you won’t be able to find the perfect Christmas gift): link


We are family

A lesson to all the phone companies in the world: stop buying entertainment companies for your mobile division. As you can tell by the AT&T and Verizon examples, it doesn’t work. Another lesson for the media groups? You need to merge so you can compete with Netflix and Amazon Video. To be honest with you, it’s too late (example: TF1 and M6 merge in France): link

NB: that’s technologies impact on the entertainment industry. More mergers between media companies.



If you want to own a piece of the New Jersey Devil, the team has an NFT on sale: link

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