Le Trois, The Three, El Tres


Happy Thursday!

Here are the three stories that caught my eye!

Carpe diem!

Don’t forget to go after your dream(s). Life is short.




Stay at home workout

Exercise humor from “Calvin and Hobbes


Be a rebel at work

Who has the best ideas? People who want to create something new. Instead of going with the status quo (at all my jobs, that’s how I think): link


Guess who loves using TikTok?

Gen Z isn’t the only age group who loves TikTok. Women aged 30-39 as well (marketing 101: explore new social media companies to see who’s using their software): link


It’s a snap (aka Snapchat)

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry? When you can create and broadcast your Snapchat show using your augmented reality smart glasses: link

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