Le Trois, The Three, El Tres

Happy Friday!

Go outside and enjoy the sun if it’s sunny where you live!

Here are the four (I love finding bonus articles for my readers that makes them think) articles that caught my eye!

Have a great weekend!

Carpe diem!




Stay at home workout

Go outside.



If you have an idea to improve the food industry (example: making a better meal kit), you can apply to the Barilla Food Accelerator: link


For sale

A shout out to all the Star Wars fans reading this. You, too, can buy Darth Vader’s home: link


Forget your golf caddie

Why rely on a caddie for your golfing tips? When you can use technology to help you putt your perfect shot? link


AI in ads

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry? Using artificial intelligence (AI) to create an ad for your fans. Which are different when they switch to another device. Example? If you’re watching Hulu on your smart connected TV, you will see one ad; if you switch to your tablet/laptop and watch NBC Peacock, you will see a different ad. Finally, switching to your smartphone to watch your favorite news channel? A different ad: link

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