Le Trois. The Three. El Tres

Happy Monday!

If it’s raining where you are, open your window. Enjoy the fresh breeze!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

Carpe diem!





Stay at home workout

Improve your Zoom posture by doing these exercises (if you don’t have the equipment, sit up straight): link



If you want to stay up late to finish your work or play a video game with your friends, don’t zap yourself in the neck with this; even better? Get eight hours of sleep. Your body will thank you. And if your boss wants to work bad hours, quit your job (the economy is bouncing back. Lots of job opportunities): link



Don’t be surprised if you see mini-fusion reactors in your home in a few years. That allows you to generate your own electricity: link


It’s hot

Technology’s impact on the entertainment industry? When you see companies such as Shamrock Capital getting $1B US from others so they can invest in the media industry (includes the technology side): link



If you want to invest (this isn’t investment advice) in office buildings as workers go back to the office: link

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