Le Trois. The Three. El Tres

Happy Thursday!

The three articles that caught my eye?

1) Wearing your glasses: watching your favorite streaming show using these glasses (that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry. Finding more ways to reach your viewers. What’s amazing about it? The 140 inch screen and speakers built into the glasses): link

2) It’s alive and protecting your food: if I wrote that using the cellulose from a sugarcane can protect you from any pathogen, would you believe me? That’s the promise of bio-based antimicrobial packaging: link And

3) Tik Tok beer poster: I’m not on Tik Tok but this is interesting. Tik Tok users are super posing themselves into beer adverts. The lesson? Free marketing is good marketing: link

Don’t forget to:

4) go outside for a walk if it’s nice where you live (stay at home workout) and

5) live for today. Not for tomorrow (motivation).

Thanks for reading!

I love you all!

Carpe diem!



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