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Blockchain/crypto information links. With a focus on the entertainment industry (I will update it. On my website. With a link to my Twitter account: @nickhtang. Maybe a link to my instagram account).

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If you work in the media and entertainment industry, the current system is broken. Because your movies are pirated before they arrive at the movie theater. Or at your subscriber’s home. Most of the time, you’re reacting to the privacy breach. Instead of preventing it. Current techniques like watermarking, aren’t perfect. This is why you need to use blockchain.

Some links for you to read:

a) this blockchain patent from Disney (my pov? When it comes to research and development in the entertainment industry, one company comes to mind: Disney. The rest? Not even close). How does it work? Before a cinema plays the movie, it goes to a server (I will assume it’s in Disney’s data servers. To make sure it’s a secure environment. But it could a central server with a cinema chain). Another server stores the movie. And the blockchain code. When the processor runs the blockchain programming. That generates a blockchain code to match the movie that’s about to be shown. Or ad that needs to be played before the movie etc. Once the code is created, another server transmits the movie to the theaters. New blockchains can be added.

b) from Cinedigm. By using Theta blockchain, the channel’s anime (CONtv Anime) will allow viewers to get micropayment if they share a CONtv show with others

c) Xfinite (an OTT from South Asia). People using the Mzaalo app will gain tokens, merchandise, games or give to charities (within the 500 brands) if they continue watch or show the shows with their friends.

Update #1 (Monday, August 16th, 2021. This is your Le Trois. The Three. El Tres email newsletter for today. An update to Friday’s blockchain/cryptocurrency list)

d) when it comes to advertising your product, you could do a couple of things: (1) conventional ads (2) targeted social media ads (3) using an influencer to promote your product or (4) using a blockchain meta verse product (stick with me: co sponsor an exhibit with a small museum. Post pictures of your show or movie posters. Be creative. Use blockchain and the meta verse to create a PR buzz)

Update #2 (Thursday, September 2nd, 2021)

e) when you create a blockchain so you can upload your song to TikTok in one click (aka, you won’t need to use a music record company to market your songs. When you can do it yourself): link

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