Le Trois. The Three. El Tres

You know?

It’s been an interesting day. Especially when I receive a spam deliver from Amazon (yes, I changed my password. And did all the cybersecurity stuff to secure my account).

Either than that, here are your three short articles that caught my eye!

I love you all!



P.S. Vitamin D aka sunlight is your friend.


Stay at home workout

What are you doing inside? Go outside.


Anyone can do it

This isn’t investment advice. Do your own research. Investing tips to beat the markets:

a) open the business papers. Close your eye. Have your finger pick one stock (I’m typing this while my eyes are closed) or

b) use a hamster to pick your cryptocurrency token (hint: go with B. Why? The hamster is beating the S&P 500 so far): link



Usually I would include an article on how technology has impacted the entertainment industry (my speciality) but today? Here are the movie franchises that have made the most money (hint: it’s not who you think it is): link


Things that make you think

After you read this article, what do you think (hint: everything goes in a cycle)? Link

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My real name is Nick but my clients call me the Research King. Why? Because I love researching and finding information. And they’re literally amazed when I find the information for them. I love analyzing how technology influences the media and entertainment world. Because the media and entertainment industry is constantly changing. And technology is playing a big role in changing it (from CD’s to live-streaming). Finally, I love coffee, going to the gym/working out and anything to do with athletic leisure clothing (I’m a big Lululemon fan). P.S. If you need to follow me on social media: Twitter: @nickhtang Instagram: @the_information_guru

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