Le Trois. The Three. El Tres

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye.

I love you all!



P.S. Use this tip = strong mindset


Stay at home workout

Some of you might have eaten too many double dipped chocolate covered granola bars (that’s me) when no kids showed up. This workout will help you burn off the carbs (700+ calories burned. No equipment needed): link


For sale. One airplane bar

One of my dream(s) is to fly Emirate first class (re: A380). And order a drink from their bar. Maybe I should bid on it (short summary: one of the earlier planes is being destroyed. And the bar will be on sale): link


This is new

This takes ”robbing a bank” to the next level (stealing 45 valuable wines; don’t do this. You want positive, not negative karma in your life): link


Yawn. Metaverse

I’ll be honest with you: why would you use this when it’s better to meet people in real life? But from an entertainment tech POV, I can see why you can get excited about it: (1) you can use it as an extension of your branding (eg: selling ads, sponsorships) (2) more people will keep staying online and plugged into the technology (3) if your division has a gaming section, more people will play your game (that’s where it’ll be used) and (4) you can combine it with crypto currency etc: link

P.S. I gave my young niece and nephew a VR type game for their Christmas gift last year. With VR headset. It’s sitting in their basement. That’s how useless the technology is (cause they’re outside interacting with their friends in real life).

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