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Happy Monday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

Don’t forget to join me for #AIChat (a 10-15 minute max Twitter chat on artificial intelligence) at 2pm ET on Twitter today. My guests? Dr. Ashleigh Kennedy, co-founder and CEO and Heather van Staalduinen, Head of Marketing from @neurovine_ai Chatting on how AI can be used in the health industry. And it’s impact on you.

I love you all!



PS. What are you waiting for? Go after it.


Stay at home workout

Let’s start your week with an ab workout: link


Bye, bye Hollywood

When you see this on sale: link and you combine it with this tweet on how Hollywood has lost control when it comes to creating your future hit shows = technology’s impact on the entertainment industry:


Uh oh

If you’re back at the office, you’re probably bringing your lunch from home. Or buying it from a grocery store. Instead of visiting a restaurant: link (that’s how the pandemic has changed the noon time lunch hour on the restaurant industry).


It’s in vogue (catalogs printed on paper)

It costs more to advertise using digital (example: social media). That’s why companies are printing and mailing their holiday catalogues to you: link

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