Straight Talk With Nick (the “how is Netflix impacting other industries” edition)

The short summary? How Netflix impacts other industries. Don’t forget to read my research tip for March 2020 Read More

Straight Talk With Nick, the February Book Edition

Welcome to Straight Talk with Nick. The Book Edition. Where I write what’s on my mind each month. But first, happy Valentine’s Day! My gift to you? The gift of knowledge.  Ideas that’ll make you think. I truly believe that if you want to know someone, ask them what they’re reading. Not only will it… Read More

Who wouldn’t pay $300-$500 for a running shoe (I would. Guaranteed)?

** an exclusive post that goes out to my email newsletter subscribers and those who are following me on WordPress. I won’t post the link on my social media accounts. You might want to take notes. ** Happy Friday!  A bonus January “Straight Talk with Nick” post. Before I started on my existing exercise regime… Read More

Straight Talk With Nick

Good afternoon! Happy Friday! I was going to publish this on Sunday morning but you need something to read. A once a month email newsletter where I’ll write about anything that’s on my mind. If you have any comments, it’s faster to tweet them at me (here’s my Twitter handle: @nickhtang) because I have to… Read More