Straight Talk With Nick, the February Book Edition

Welcome to Straight Talk with Nick. The Book Edition. Where I write what’s on my mind each month. But first, happy Valentine’s Day! My gift to you? The gift of knowledge.  Ideas that’ll make you think. I truly believe that if you want to know someone, ask them what they’re reading. Not only will it… Read More

Who wouldn’t pay $300-$500 for a running shoe (I would. Guaranteed)?

** an exclusive post that goes out to my email newsletter subscribers and those who are following me on WordPress. I won’t post the link on my social media accounts. You might want to take notes. ** Happy Friday!  A bonus January “Straight Talk with Nick” post. Before I started on my existing exercise regime… Read More

Straight Talk With Nick

Good afternoon! Happy Friday! I was going to publish this on Sunday morning but you need something to read. A once a month email newsletter where I’ll write about anything that’s on my mind. If you have any comments, it’s faster to tweet them at me (here’s my Twitter handle: @nickhtang) because I have to… Read More