Mindset ——> technology eating the media and entertainment world

Happy Thursday. This my attempt at writing an article similar to the ones I’ve read from EYQ Think Tank and KPMG Institute except it’s with a twist. Instead of looking at the big picture (example: how the aging population will impact businesses and government), I’m going to link mindset and how technology companies such as… Read More

The Weekly Review

Hello! Happy Thursday! Here’s how technology impacted the media and entertainment industry this week. Mistakes are mine: ———- 1) from Brandon W. Clark, the Chair of the Copyright, Entertainment and Media Law Practice Group at McKee, Voorhees and Sease PLC (his headline says it all. In summary? If you’re live streaming, you need to take… Read More

Bring a Cookie on Thursday, August 22 at 2PM EST (#AIChat day)

Why? Because my guest for #AIChat (#AIChat is a 10 to 15 minute max Twitter chat on artificial intelligence) is Assistant Professor Nick Diakopoulos (his Twitter handle? @ndikopoulos. His website? http://www.nickdiakopoulos.com/) who teaches at the School of Communication at Northwestern University and is the Director of the School’s Computational Journalism Lab. Professor Diakopoulos has written a book… Read More

The Weekly Review – How I Saw Technology Impacting the Media and Entertainment world this week

Happy Thursday! Your weekend starts today. Not on Friday. I value your time. This is how I saw technology impacting the media and entertainment world this week (p.s. I tagged the wrong person. My apologies to @HamidAli. I should have tagged @Hamad_Ali): <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>1/2 I ❤️ sharing articles from other industries so you… Read More