Bring a Cookie on Thursday, August 22 at 2PM EST (#AIChat day)

Why? Because my guest for #AIChat (#AIChat is a 10 to 15 minute max Twitter chat on artificial intelligence) is Assistant Professor Nick Diakopoulos (his Twitter handle? @ndikopoulos. His website? who teaches at the School of Communication at Northwestern University and is the Director of the School’s Computational Journalism Lab. Professor Diakopoulos has written a book… Read More

The Weekly Review – How I Saw Technology Impacting the Media and Entertainment world this week

Happy Thursday! Your weekend starts today. Not on Friday. I value your time. This is how I saw technology impacting the media and entertainment world this week (p.s. I tagged the wrong person. My apologies to @HamidAli. I should have tagged @Hamad_Ali): <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>1/2 I ❤️ sharing articles from other industries so you… Read More

Why metadata = card catalogue (welcome to the weekly Thursday “how tech impacted the media and entertainment world” this week).

Happy Thursday! When it comes to research, I have lots of ways of storing the information: A) if I found the information in a newspaper or magazine, I’ll clip the article and file it in a folder. And group it together (eg: technology articles in one pile, fitness articles in another. You get the idea).… Read More

Your weekend starts now (the #AIChat and weekly round up on how tech has impacted the media and entertainment world this week)

It’s Thursday! Your weekend starts now. I will be using today’s #AIChat as my weekly round up on how technology has impacted the media and entertainment world. My guest? Victor Riparbelli (@vriparbelli), CEO and co-founder of SyntesiaIO The topic? How can artificial intelligence help the media/advertising and entertainment world. Mistakes are mine. Have a great… Read More