A college bookstore was publishing textbooks for college professors and their courses. The store wanted to expand it’s business and needed to find potential clients in certain subjects. I conducted a cross Canada search by locating public and private colleges. The client received a database listing 69 potential colleges (name, address, phone number, website and the key buyer).

A government department needed a strategy to determine which countries to target for their foreign direct investment (FDI). After determining that out dated information was being used, I determined that a venture capital/investment perspective was needed (stock indices, sector and country specific mutual funds). With this new perspective, the department refined its list and started to target emerging countries.

A high technology company needed help in locating key technologies for a patent infringement lawsuit. By locating the key components in certain products and conducting interviews, a database was created listing the manufacturer, retailer who sold the product and the type of processor being used. The company sued 22 companies for patent infringement.

A non-profit needed help to determine whether or not the price of their refurbished desktops and laptops was competitive. By using UsedOttawa and Kijji, we recommended a new pricing scheme. 



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