Le/The/El 3

On the positive side, my appetite is back to normal (see photo at the end); the joys of fighting off a cold and cough

Here are the three articles that caught my eye.

I love you.



PS. This was one large chilli and chicken salad from Wendy’s; a venti frapp from Starbucks. Topped off with an orange, banana, apple.


Stay at home workout

Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Play a Coursera.org lecture


From thin air

Generating energy from thin air? There’s an invention for this


Not happening

If you work in chemistry, don’t expect an AI revolution to happen. Yet.



The entertainment industry is slow when it comes to using new technology. Hopefully, it’ll realize that web3 etc can help. Instead of hinder (that’s tech’s impact on the entertainment industry).

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