Le/The/El 3

Welcome to the start of your 90 day sprint to finish your 2023 goal(s).

Here are the two photos that caught my eye!

I love you!



P.S. “Your brain is a moist computer that can be reprogrammed every day” – paraphrasing Scott Adams


Stay at home workout

Read a 📕; get rid of the easy stuff – for me? Recycling batteries (I walked = exercise)



I was going to write a post on how DVDs are useless because streaming has taken over the world. As you can tell by my photo, I buy the odd DVD (sometimes, old technology is better than new one). I may or may not open this to play on a DVD player.

P.S. Not a promotion for the latest “Paw Patrol” movie that did well during the weekend


The package

Maybe this will work for you – if you save interesting articles (email, print magazine/newspaper, online magazine or newspaper), you’ll see some themes.

For me?

  1. Mindset
  2. Motivation
  3. Systems

If I need idea(s) to move forward in my life, I’ll open the folder(s). Re-read the article(s). That gives me idea(s) that’ll help me move forward in my life (you don’t want to see my research email address folders – filled with lots of articles. In folders)

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