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Stay at home workout

Learn a new language


Health care – in a pod

Innovative! Link


Word of the day? Sandcast

This article could be behind a paywall. The short summary? Tesla reinvented the way it designs car and truck panels (aka gigacasting – parts of the car or truck are made from industrial sand. And 3D printed. Body parts are assembled (I prefer to use the word snapped) into place. Like Lego). As every other car manufacturer is behind (full disclosure – I’m a big fan of Toyota. Because it made smart bets by not going all into EV. When it realized that every country doesn’t have EV infrastructure. The rest? Going all in to EV).

The same Tesla lesson applies to the entertainment industry; incumbents (NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC etc) dismissed Netflix, cloud, data analytics. When Netflix started beating them at their own game (notice how far beyond all the TV and cable stations are to Netflix), tv and cable stations around the world had no choice but to create their own Netflix (full disclosure – I’m a big fan of Netflix. I love how it tests everything to see what their subscribers are fast forwarding or watching. Better than using Nielsen ratings data (is that company still around?). Link


From academia to biotech

This article is behind a paywall but I’ll write out the summary – post doctoral students aren’t sticking around in a lab to help their professors with their moonshots. Where are they headed? Biotech: link

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