The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Hey! It’s Tuesday! Writing about (1) using video games instead of Zoom for your team meetings (2) artificial intelligence and selfies (3) if then rule (productivity hack) and (4) wireless speed testing (USA) Read More

Straight Talk With Nick

Good afternoon! Happy Friday! I was going to publish this on Sunday morning but you need something to read. A once a month email newsletter where I’ll write about anything that’s on my mind. If you have any comments, it’s faster to tweet them at me (here’s my Twitter handle: @nickhtang) because I have to… Read More

Why I Love the Media/Entertainment (TMT) World (& other motivational ideas)

I love the media and entertainment industry. Often times, I’ll tweet about non-business/entertainment items so I can inspire everyone or make a difference in someone’s life, even it’s a tiny difference. Today, I want you to THINK BIG. DREAM BIG. Life’s not a dress rehersal. You only have one life. MAKE IT COUNT.  For me,… Read More