Are you a liberal arts or non-STEM graduate? And you need some ideas on how to get a job in the artificial intelligence field?

Welcome to the first #AICareerChat recap (it was done on Thursday, May 16, 2019).

My guest? @lizjosullivan.

The topic? How can liberal arts or non-STEM majors get a job in artificial intelligence.

P.S. The reason why I created the #AICareerChat Twitter chat? Because there was a lack of information on how liberal arts and non-STEM majors could get a job in the artificial intelligence field. As you’ll see from @lizjosullivan, it’s not about the computer programmers and researchers. It’s about you. The:

A) career changer
B) liberal arts graduate and
C) the non-STEM major

To be honest, you’re the ones that make the world go round. With your creativity and imagination.

Also, take up @lizjosullivan offer – ask her on Twitter if you have any questions (it’s rare that a guest will offer this request. Take full advantage of it. P.P.S. This is better than using LinkedIn when it comes to talking to the experts).

You can blame me for the mistakes.


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