Sunday. A Time to Learn

Sometimes, I have to pinch myself.


Because I get paid to read.

To my clients, I’m their second brain. The one that reads everything. And connects the dots. So I can keep them ahead of their competitors (credit goes to Anthony Iannariano. He wrote about this in his book “Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away From Your Competitors.”)

My clients are surprised where I find the information.

So I’m going to list all of the email newsletters that arrive in my inbox on Sunday. With brief comments on why I read them:

A) The Hustle:

Even though it’s a mix of business and technology, their Sunday email newsletter? It’s filled with inspirational stories. For instance, in today’s email newsletter, they wrote about a janitor who invented flaming hot Cheetos. Who ended up becoming VP (I forward these articles to my clients who need a push).

B) The Stone Clinic:

I’m a fitness addict. I’m in the gym five out of the seven days (Mondays = kettlebell class, Tuesdays = personal trainer, with an emphasis on CrossFit and strength training, Thursday = WOD (my own workout of the day. Mostly cardio and weights), Saturday = functional tune up day with a personal trainer and Sunday = personal trainer, with an emphasis on high cardio). The ideas I learn from the fitness world can be applied to the business world (especially when it comes to being confident. And developing purpose).

For items C-E, these industries are brutal. And competitive. They will do anything to stay ahead of their competitors. Why? Because when you miss a trend, everyone else will be eating your lunch. Start learning on how these industries adapt to emerging trends. Your clients (and your boss) will thank you.

C) Fashionista:

A focus on the fashion world.

D) Skift:

A focus on the travel industry

E) Tearsheet:

Focused on financial services and fintech and

That’s it!

Have a great week!

P.S. I don’t care where you work. Or which business you’re in. Your goal? To help your client succeed. That’s why you’re their second brain. If you can’t understand this lesson, why are you in business (or working for a business that doesn’t get it)?



Published by Nick, aka, Research Guru

My real name is Nick but my clients call me the Research Guru. Why? Because I love researching and finding information. And they’re literally amazed when I find the information for them. I love analyzing how technology influences the media and entertainment world. Because the media and entertainment industry is constantly changing. And technology is playing a big role in changing it (from CD’s to live-streaming). Finally, I love coffee, going to the gym/working out and anything to do with athletic leisure clothing (I’m a big Lululemon fan). P.S. If you need to follow me on social media: Twitter: @nickhtang Instagram: @the_information_guru